No Pain, No Gain

I had always done some exercises to have good abs, but my ab routine was the same all the time, and not very intense: it included traditional crunches and resistance exercise with cables, and my workouts lasted about five minutes per day. Well, I did have some abs, but they were not ripped. Then I discovered AbR and this gave me much better results with my abs. The workouts turned out to be really hard though: they included 360 crunches, and I had to pause it many times to be able to do all of them. However, this is how we can achieve really good results: complete all the reps even if we have to pause the ripper, and work out somewhat beyond our possibilities, stepping out of our comfort zone again and again. I sometimes paused 20 times at the beginning! What I like about AbR is that it focuses on the entire core instead of targeting upper and lower abs separately. If you are not very experienced athlete, you will most likely also feel some strain in your back and hips - these muscles will also develop. However, the strain will disappear after some time. There are many unique exercises you can do with AbR, some of them are really tough, but they do give good results. Many people give up on the harder exercises because they feel the burn in their muscles, but there is no other way to develop muscles, you will just need to challenge and push yourself and get over the burn feeling. There is also an exercise that helps to develop good obliques; I never had them before, I thought I simply didn't have proper genetics for them, but after doing that exercises for some time (90 days to be exact), I found out that they showed! The good thing about AbR is that it is a very efficient abs workout that can give you excellent results. The bad thing for the lazier ones is that it really challenges you, but you know: no pain, no gain.

AbR is an extreme abdominal routine developed by Beachbody. The workout is pretty simple: there are eleven moves (Mason Twist, Leg Climb, Oblique V-Up, V-Up Combo, Pulse-Up, Hip Rock 'N Raise, Fifer Scissor, Crossed Leg Sit-up, Crunchy Frog, Bicycle and In and Out) to perform three times a week. The entire routine takes up to 15 minutes a day, which is a decent amount of time (not too much, it is easy to squeeze this routine into my schedule, but not too little, just enough to develop good ripped abs quite fast). The exercises are to be performed one after another with no breaks between them, at least this is what the instructors in the videos say, but this is unrealistic for the beginners. Don't worry, just take the breaks you need, and continue working out to complete all the exercises. You'll be able to do everything properly after some time, the most important thing is not to stop and give up, but complete the whole routine. It is important to mention that the exercises will not give you the maximum effect unless you keep a healthy diet. There are diet instructions included with the routine, and they are strongly recommended to stick to. I have been using this for a month, and I see the progress. I've never had such good abs in my life! However, many exercises are really hard to perform, especially for the beginners. There are some that I'm still struggling with, and I had been exercising for many years before I ordered AbR (not so intensively, though).

I think that AbR is actually the best abdominal workout routine you can find. This is mainly because it causes the so-called muscle confusion (the term was invented by P90X fitness program developer Tony Horton). The exercises are arranged in such a way that the muscles really get "confused" and just need to keep improving, so, you will see the steady progress when you exercise, and will avoid the plateau effect (you know what it is - when you keep on exercising, but the progress is no longer that significant, or there is no progress at all). There are 11 exercises, each of which requires 25 reps, and they are desirably performed with no breaks. It is very important to keep the order of the exercises and to complete all of them as fast as you can. After I have tried AbR I am going to purchase the rest of the P90X Program - they have fitness routines for all the parts of the body. My now firm abs is the proof that this program really works!

I ordered AbR by Beachbody because I had always dreamed of nice abs, and the commercial said this fitness routine was good for everyone. Well, if fact, it isn't. The exercises are too hard to perform; they should've warned that they are not for novice dieters. Also, one should keep a certain diet and take supplements to get the result; the supplement part really turns me away from this.

This abs exercise routine is too extreme for me. I can't perform the workouts properly, I feel terrible backache and muscle pain after just a few exercises, and the guidance says that all 11 of them are to be done without breaks! Maybe this is suitable for experienced dieters, but definitely not for me. I've given up on this. First I regretted that it was too expensive, but I think I'll go back to it and try these workouts again after following some lighter, more beginner-friendly fitness routine. Anyway, if you haven't worked out a lot before, this is not the best choice for you.