My Favorite Food

I eat healthy at home, and am a vegetarian, so, there is not much chance that I could've gained my extra pounds because of my everyday eating habits, but I do love eating out, and usually prefer desserts (yes, I'm a sweet tooth!). This is why I've gotten somewhat bigger around my waist, and chubbier. I'm so happy that I found this product! It works for me even thought I haven't changed my eating habits after I started taking it. I still eat mostly veggies at home, but do indulge into desserts when eating out somewhere, but I'm skinnier than before I tried FCX. I can just enjoy my favorite food foria awaken now without being afraid to get out of shape (read foria awaken)!

I have been on this for half a year, but I don't take it regularly, only when I eat too much high-calorie food. And this product does work, I must say. It is a strong fat burner that binds 18g fat when you take 2 tablets. This is circa 160 calories. I think it is perfect for those who don't need to lose a lot of weight, because this product is not good for regular taking (at least in my experience, as it gave me really bad stomach cramps when I attempted to take it regularly for some time). If you need a serious weight loss, opt for something else. But this is ideal for occasional takes, when you overeat, or just indulge into something that contains many calories.

This new and quite efficient diet pill contains the following ingredients: Alpha-dextrin 2,000mg, Croscarmelose Sodium, Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate, and Silicon Dioxide. It makes your metabolism faster, helping the fat you take into your body with foods pass your digestive tract without getting stuck in your body. Thus, you can't gain a lot of weight even if you do love delicious high-calorie foods. So, this pill is really unique and innovative, totally different to all the other diet pills which usually suppress your appetite and burn the fat you already have in your body. What's important for me is that it controls blood pressure keeping it low. This was the main factor that made me choose this supplement over many others, as many diet pills have high blood pressure as a side effect, and, thus, are not suitable, but even dangerous for me. However, this product doesn't cause any problems at all! I would highly recommend it to everyone.

I don't even want to try this, because this product seems untrustworthy. There is not much clinical proof to support this product, no money back guarantee: Why would I try something at my own risk and pay money for it, if I can't even be sure that it would work or at least be safe for my body? The manufacturer company seems to be too secretive about them, too, providing very scarce data about themselves. I'd give it a try if they offered a free sample and were more open to the customers, but this is not the case. So, I'm not giving it a go.

I gave this pill a try a few months ago, but had no results with it. I wanted to lose weight but I know that many diet pills possess a lot of risks for human health, and have many side effects. This is not the case with FCX, as I found out, so I chose this over many other alternatives. However, this pill gave me nothing. I mean no results at all! I read that the tablets were to be taken only when you eat some fat-containing, high-calorie food, they are supposed to bind fat and prevent it from absorbing into the body tissues. This sound much more appealing than those supplements that make people eat nothing at all, get dehydrated and jittery. So, I took these tablets whenever I ate something high-calorie, but I didn't' indulge into such foods often. So, there should have been at least some progress! I decided to increase my work outs in order to make my metabolism even faster, but still, there was no progress whatsoever. I even tried to take two pills at once, and reduced my calorie intake a bit, but no, I weighed the same as I did before I started taking these tablets. Also, I had occasional stomachaches that were never typical of me before. I gave up on this product, as it seemed to be totally useless.

I was intrigued by the way this product functions. It is not your traditional appetite suppressor, definitely. I thought it was very good and perfectly suitable for me, because I didn't want to lose much weight - I had to just get rid of a few inches around my hips, which have always been my problem zone. However, I was disappointed in this product right after I took the first pill: it gave me a terrible stomachache. It was in a restaurant, I was eating out with my boyfriend, and ordered a super-delicious dessert I just couldn't resist, but, damn, it contained too many calories to be eaten by a person who wanted to get thinner! So, I took this pill with a glass of water after I finished with my dessert, and shortly after that I felt that really bad pain in my stomach. I did give it a second chance in a few days, but the effect was the same. Maybe, it is just me and my low tolerance of some ingredient(s) contained in this pill, but I can't take it without suffering from stomachaches.