Gotu Kola

I have been using this product for seven months now, taking form 2 to 6 pills a day, and I have quite a good result with this. I had read a lot about gotu kola and its ability to reduce cellulite, as well as to cure skin disorders and some other diseases, so I finally decided to give it a try. It doesn't eliminate cellulite - nothing does - but reduces it significantly. I can say that mine has decreased by 30-40 per cent. It is a very positive result, I suppose. I can wear shorts and mini skirts proudly now, without being conscious about my ugly thighs, and I feel more comfortable sunbathing on the beach - I can actually enjoy the sun and the water instead of wrapping myself with a towel and being afraid that someone could stare at my cellulite-covered hips and buttocks. What a relief! Another benefit I got from this product is improved vein health. My limbs had always been cold in lower temperatures, and I had to wear gloves in spring and fall when nobody else was wearing them, because my hands were too sensitive to even slightly coldish weather: they got purple, the fingers used to become insensitive. This is not much of a problem anymore -

I bought gotu kola to restore my vein strength, and it does work! My veins on hands and feel are more toned now, there is much less blood leakage, my hands and feet don't gain that ugly reddish or purplish color when exposed to colder temperatures, they look better and smoother now. I have been taking this product for 4 months, and I really like what it is doing to me. I'm going to continue taking this, because it is absolutely safe, all natural, and does not harm the body. By the way, it also reduces anxiety level. I've noticed that I don't get anxious and nervous that much anymore, I'm calmer and my mood is more balanced and stable now, I can combat stress much easier, and it's harder for me to get depressed and nervous. I'm very happy to have found this.

I see many really positive changes happening to me since I've started taking gotu kola. My skin has become purer and smoother; my complexion is fresher and healthier. It is great! The young healthy woman I see in the mirror now looks much prettier and more appealing than that tired, worn-out, prematurely aged one I used to be earlier. Not only I look younger, but I also feel like this! I'm more energized now, but also calmer, more stable and stress-prove, I don't get upset easily, don't get tired too often, even though I'm always very busy; I also notice quite a significant improvement in my memory and cognitive function, and my libido has increased. It seems that this magical herb has improved pretty much all the spheres of my life, and made it much more enjoyable for me. I'd give it the highest rating and recommend it to everyone - do give it a try, you will most likely never regret it!

I began taking this because of its skin-healing properties - at least I read that this product had one, and also found a lot of customer reviews from people who claimed this product to do wonders. Unfortunately, my experience is quit the opposite: my skin condition actually got worse on this. I used to have zits from time to time, and my doctor said it was most likely because of unhealthy liver and my being almost always distressed. Gotu kola was supposed to target both issues, so I thought it should've been suitable for me. Well, I had no result during the first month, but I waited patiently for the first positive changes to occur. However, then I noticed that my skin started looking worse, and I had some unpleasant feeling down my stomach. I visited my doctor, and was told that my liver issue aggravated, and the doctor also prescribed me some medicine. He also told me that my health aggravation could've happened due to my drinking gotu kola, and recommended that I stopped using this product immediately. I don't know how many other customers suffer from this effect by gotu kola, but I just have to inform you, people: this product does have some side effects.

I used to take gotu kola in tea form, and was not very happy with its taste, but continued drinking it for health reasons anyway. However, there seemed to be little to no effect from taking this product. I did get less nervous and calmer, but my skin got very sensitive to the sun. Maybe, this is not a big issue for some people, but I'm very pale, and I live in the tropical climate zone, my skin has always been prone to sunburns, so I never leave home without applying sunscreen with high UV filter. However, I noticed that my skin got even more sensitive since I'd started drinking that gotu kola tea. I usually came home with my skin reddened and burning after being outdoors for to long. I had to limit my time on the beach, and buy a sunscreen with even higher UV filter. Then, I read on one website that this was one of the few side effects gotu kola can cause. In general, this product rarely gives any negative side effects, but I'm just that unlucky.