Gotu Kola

I have been using this product for seven months now, taking form 2 to 6 pills a day, and I have quite a good result with this. I had read a lot about gotu kola and its ability to reduce cellulite, as well as to cure skin disorders and some other diseases, so I finally decided to give it a try. It doesn't eliminate cellulite - nothing does - but reduces it significantly. I can say that mine has decreased by 30-40 per cent. It is a very positive result, I suppose. I can wear shorts and mini skirts proudly now, without being conscious about my ugly thighs, and I feel more comfortable sunbathing on the beach - I can actually enjoy the sun and the water instead of wrapping myself with a towel and being afraid that someone could stare at my cellulite-covered hips and buttocks. What a relief! Another benefit I got from this product is improved vein health. My limbs had always been cold in lower temperatures, and I had to wear gloves in spring and fall when nobody else was wearing them, because my hands were too sensitive to even slightly coldish weather: they got purple, the fingers used to become insensitive. This is not much of a problem anymore -

I bought gotu kola to restore my vein strength, and it does work! My veins on hands and feel are more toned now, there is much less blood leakage, my hands and feet don't gain that ugly reddish or purplish color when exposed to colder temperatures, they look better and smoother now. I have been taking this product for 4 months, and I really like what it is doing to me. I'm going to continue taking this, because it is absolutely safe, all natural, and does not harm the body. By the way, it also reduces anxiety level. I've noticed that I don't get anxious and nervous that much anymore, I'm calmer and my mood is more balanced and stable now, I can combat stress much easier, and it's harder for me to get depressed and nervous. I'm very happy to have found this. read more

Healthy Weight

I have started taking these pills a month ago, and I am much thinner now. Well, it is not just a diet pill, but a stimulant, too, so I also got more energized, and even felt overexcited and jittery during the first week, but then my body got used to the drug, and the negative side effects were gone. I'm happy with it so far, and I'm not going to take them for a too long period of time, as heard that this drug can cause addiction if you take it for too long and increase the dosage. I just want to get rid of all the extra pounds I have, and then maintain my healthy weight without any pills at all. I think this is what this pill can do to me.

I have ADHD, and my physician prescribed this medicine for me to be able to get focused better. It worked from the very start, I must say. My memory improved, I really started to focus better, and I feel much energized. I've forgotten when I was tired last time! This is great! I can remember study material well, so, my academic performance has improved a lot (I'm a college student). I think I never felt so good in a lifetime. However, sometimes I have a dry mouth, it feels like I can drink tons of water, and it won't help. This happens rarely, but there is such a side effect. My doctor said there could be some other, much worse side effects, and if they showed, I would need to stop taking this medicine, but I noticed none of them. I can tolerate dry mouth from time to time, so I'm ok with it, this pill does much more good than bad. It feels like I've got a new life now. read more

Moringa Oleifera

This product is incredibly nutritious. No wonder that moringa is called the tree of life! You can get almost everything your body needs from this: one serving of moringa leaves contains 22% daily value of Vitamin C, 41% daily value of Potassium, % daily value of Magnesium, 71% daily value of Iron, 125% daily value of Calcium, 272% daily value of Vitamin A, 92 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatories, 18 amino acids, and 9 essential amino acids. Just look at this impressive list! I was very enthusiastic about making moringa olifiera a part of my everyday diet after I read about its almost miraculous abilities, and after I tried it, my life has really changed! I got rid of my digestion issues, occasional stomach pain, my blood pressure became lower, my energy level increased drastically, and my mood is almost always good. My overall health has improved, and I feel like a new person, much younger and livelier than me before I started eating moringa olifiera leaves. By the way, all the parts of the tree are edible. I eat its leaves, but you can also eat the flowers, the roots, squeeze oil with crepe erase from the seeds, and even use its wood in cooking, read more Crepe Erase.

I became a fun of healthy eating in my mid-thirties, when some health problems started to show, and I realized that I had to watch out for what I was putting into my body, and consider the consequences. Since then, I've been looking for healthy, low-calorie and nutritious foods to add to my diet, and I was very happy when I discovered moringa olifiera. This tree (yes, it is a tree, all parts of which can be eaten and used to cook meals) has almost everything our body requires to function properly. I have a very busy schedule, and this used to make me tired and feel "worn out" before, but this is not the case anymore. I can do a lot more during the day than I used to, because this food (I eat the leaves) boosts my energy and fills my body with nutrients. My immune system has strengthened, so I have even forgotten when I was sick. I have enough energy for work and entertainment, never have mood swings and never feel nervous, sleep well and get up fresh and filled with energy. Do try this product, I think it suits everyone, as it is just a tree; veggies are beneficial for all people, right? read more

My Favorite Food

I eat healthy at home, and am a vegetarian, so, there is not much chance that I could've gained my extra pounds because of my everyday eating habits, but I do love eating out, and usually prefer desserts (yes, I'm a sweet tooth!). This is why I've gotten somewhat bigger around my waist, and chubbier. I'm so happy that I found this product! It works for me even thought I haven't changed my eating habits after I started taking it. I still eat mostly veggies at home, but do indulge into desserts when eating out somewhere, but I'm skinnier than before I tried FCX. I can just enjoy my favorite food foria awaken now without being afraid to get out of shape (read foria awaken)!

I have been on this for half a year, but I don't take it regularly, only when I eat too much high-calorie food. And this product does work, I must say. It is a strong fat burner that binds 18g fat when you take 2 tablets. This is circa 160 calories. I think it is perfect for those who don't need to lose a lot of weight, because this product is not good for regular taking (at least in my experience, as it gave me really bad stomach cramps when I attempted to take it regularly for some time). If you need a serious weight loss, opt for something else. But this is ideal for occasional takes, when you overeat, or just indulge into something that contains many calories. read more